Elite 2 – Platinum

ESCAPES are always an unforgettable experience. What Modere organises for an Escape is so intense, making us experience as many things as possible in just 3 days, that it invariably leaves us with the impression that we have spent a whole week together. 

That’s why it’s a great reward, of course, but I also see it as profoundly useful because it encourages each participant to achieve their own goals and also in terms of leadership development. 

Indeed, it is not just about receiving but also giving something of yourself too: for the teams being there for each participant as much as possible, sharing with other leaders, gaining enrichment for themselves, creating new ideas, new strategies. 

It’s also an opportunity to feel how being a Modere partner is like being a Brand Ambassador with a noble calling.

The photo below is a good illustration of that: Modere organised a morning charity event to plant shrubs that will contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem of a protected area on the Spanish coast, just 300 metres from our hotel.

Journalists from the local TV channel heard about the initiative and came to report on it. You can be sure that I was proud to answer their questions! 

So, yes, I’m proud to be a Social Marketer, proud to bear the Modere flag, proud to play my part in building something that helps others to make a difference. 

Escape is all about that, it’s much more than just a stay in a hotel… a deep experience that serves our future.​

My best advice for success is: qualify!