Disrupt SRC 2019 : tips and suggestions

Whether you’ve decided to go all-out this year or to stick to a budget, we have compiled some tips and suggestions of places to eat, sleep and relax in stylish Lyon. This way you can make the most of your week-end however lavish you want to make it!


How much you end up spending will depend on how organised you are, the distance you will be travelling and how flexible you can be with dates and times. Here are some suggestions:

  • Road Trip! Why go through a gruelling car ride on your own when you could be enjoying the great company of others? Don’t be afraid to ask around if your team members or even possible new acquaintances might like to enjoy the journey with you. Not only will it help you lower your travel costs, but you might get to share some great tips, stories and even laughs with like-minded people. They say it’s all about the journey don’t they? There are also websites which allow you to share a car journey with someone going to the same place as you are. Have a look online.
  • Classy in all classes: If you’ve decided to take the train, the plane or coach, remember that the earlier you buy your tickets, the lower the fairs will be. And if you have the flexibility to spread out your travel dates then have a look for tickets at lower-peak dates/times. They will probably be more cost-effective AND you get to indulge in more time in the city of style.
  • The sky is the limit: For the most extravagant, why not enjoy some first class seats with access to Wi-Fi and some cheeky refreshments? Who said working from “home” was boring? Not us!


Whether you’ve decided to be Reasonable Ross or Wild Wendy, you will probably need to book somewhere near the event hall to have some (however much you decide you need) beauty sleep. After all, we want to see you fresh faced Saturday and Sunday morning to be awed and inspired!

  • Slumber party: as mentioned above, the more the merrier, AND the cheaper. Why not book an an apartment on AirBnB or a hostel room with friends or team members so you can lower the cost of lodging? Not only will you wake each other up if the snooze button gets pushed one too many times, but you will be also be able to gossip about the week-ends events! What more can you want?
  • Sleep-in and close by: if you want to stay close to the event so you can lie in and walk into the event, then the closest hotels are:

Crowne Plaza Lyon – Cité Internationale
Residence Temporim Cite Internationale
Hotel des Congrès

  • Luxurious lounging: for all those in search of style and class then here are a few out of many incredible places to retreat to after a long day of excitement.

***** Cour des Loges: resides majestically in the heart of Vieux Lyon. If you’re looking for Renaissance opulence and decadence, this place will make you feel so Bourgeoisie.

***** Le Gourguillon: Maybe you’ve brought your special someone with you for the SRC weekend? And why not enjoy a romantic week-end with them in this elegant and romantic hotel? Situated in the center of Lyon, each room is unique come with a private Jacuzzi, garden or terrace within a sumptuous décor overlooking the city.

***** Villa Florentine: If you prefer sitting on the outside, looking in on the buzz of the city, this UNESCO World Heritage hotel offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city within an architectural decor inspired by the Italian Renaissance. An unforgettable experience.

**** Hotel Okko Lyon Lafayette : In keeping with Modere’s simple and modern style, Okko offers modern rooms to relax in after an eventful day, and in the morning, a sumptuous breakfast will provide you with plenty of energy for your activities. Or why not enjoy a morning or evening work-out in their gym?


EAT (and sip):

When in France, do as the French. And where better to do it than in France’s gastronomic capital.

  • Dinner party: If you’ve decided to make your trip as social as your business, why not invite friends and team members to cook up a feast with you. When you book your lodgings, check there’s a kitchen and plan a dinner party then split the shopping bill. It will always be cheaper than eating in restaurants and will further bring the community feeling that Modere is all about.
  • If you can’t feed’em, join’em: if cooking isn’t your thing then head out and try some of Lyon’s best restaurants. No matter what your budget, you will find something to enjoy. Here are a mere FEW of the multiple restaurants you can find in Lyon:
    • If you want to try some “Gastronomie Française”, be ready to spend what you will receive in flavour: La Mere Brazier OR Auberge du Pont de Collonges OR Têtedoie are all Michelin starred restaurants acclaimed for their talent.
    • If you’re looking for typical Lyonnais French cuisine then try a “bouchon”: Chez Marcelle OR Denise and Daniel OR Les Lyonnais (amongst few of the official Bouchons left).
    • If you’re looking for the best pizza: Mamma Mia in Lyon was awarded “meilleure pizzeria de France” by Tripadvisor.
    • If you’re looking for a burger: Les Frangins (9 rue des Marronniers, 69002 Lyon) OR for our vegetarian and vegan friends why not try “Hank Vegan Burger”.

Feeling thirsty after all that food? Why not try out some of these atmospheric bars:

  • Péniche Le Sirius: Why not have a drink ON the Rhône ? This bar is a permanently moored boat bar and is warm in atmosphere. Check out their web page for their coming events.
  • Brooklyn Bar: Brooklyn Bar has enough wine, cocktails and music in its inviting and stylish setting to make your evening memorable (14 rue de la Monnaie, 69002, Lyon).
  • L’Antiquaire : This bar has a fascinatingly nostalgic 1930’s décor and has a kind of old-fashioned charm about it. Stylish, but with a relaxed and buzzing atmosphere (20 rue Hippolyte Flandrin, 69001).


The SRC is all about your business, but you could extend your business trip, kick back and visit some of the great attractions and beautiful surroundings in Lyon. Here is a list of top things to do in Lyon:

  • Vieux-Lyon: It’s the largest and oldest Renaissance district in Lyon. Here you can enjoy strolling through the ancient Lyon streets called “traboules”. These networks of covered alleyways and stairs, linked the inhabitants’ courtyards and homes to the river in the medieval times. Later, it was also said to have helped prevent the occupying Germans from taking complete control of the area during the Second World War.
  • Bouchons: Whilst you enjoy walking around in Vieux Lyon, you must stop off in the traditional “bouchons” where you can taste typical Lyonnais nose-to-tail dishes. There are officially around 20 certified traditional bouchons left but it has not stopped other establishments from using the name. These places are renowned for convivial atmosphere, dimmed lights and a personal relationship with the owner
  • For all you foodies, head to Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse  to see a display of all the fantastic regional produce laid out in one beautiful place. Best known are the cheeses, the tripe and charcuterie, as well as the Quennelles of Giraudet.
  • Enjoy a boat ride along the Soâne with the Vaporetta  to take in Lyon from the water. These yachts take you from from Vaise district, past the train station Saint-Paul, the Bellecour district, and rejoin the waterway at Confluence, where you can enjoy the recreational area and participate in cultural activities and sports.
  • Musée des Confluences  . Take some time to marvel at the architectural creation and enjoy the diversity of exhibits on display.
  • Basilica of Fourvière : take the funicular to the top of the city to enjoy the richly decorated church with its mosaics. From the top, enjoy the panoramic views over the city beneath.
  • Gallo Roman Amphitheatre : The Grand Theater is one of the oldest in France and offers breathtaking insight into the rich roman history in France, and well worth a picture.
  • Parc de la Tête d’or: if you want to enjoy some greenery during your city trip, enjoy some tome in the Parc de la Tête d’Or. There are 4 circuits you can follow depending on the type of activity you are looking to do.
  • And if you head out a little further: L’Île Barbe is a tiny island in the Saône, considered a historical monument, it is only 1200 steps in length and 300 steps in wide. A beautiful 5th century church can be seen from the water. The island is linked with to mainland with two small bridges so that you could enjoy a delicious meal in the Auberge de l’Île Barbe.

And of course, be at the best party of the year 2019 in Lyon: the SRC award ceremony on March the 2nd! So if you haven’t got your tickets yet then head to EVENTBRITE and get those early-bird tickets fast! Before the 21st of December they will be £25/30€ cheaper! Tickets will of course still be available after this date for those who only just tuned in, at a price of £90/120€.