Convictions, state, strategies: if you want, you can

I have chosen Modere for the “Live Clean” mission: environmentally friendly products, free from harmful substances, recyclable packaging, with no animal testing, using renewable wind energy, “vegan friendly”, alongside with Social Retail which rewards people.

Selling means to create a relationship of trust, to educate, make oneself understood and to meet a need. People buy what they recognize, know and understand. I tested the products while preparing myself for the New York Marathon and in everyday life.

In April, together with a group of six people I achieved Team Leader, the rank around which all the others revolve, from Senior Team Leader to Director or Elite. The Leader is the person who “goes first” and lifts up the others adding value.

In August we achieved something unique for the Italian mentality – working on convictions, state, strategies: we desired it intensely, we have visualised options in detail, planned the actions, freed our mind from limiting beliefs (“it is August”, “people are on holiday”, “start from September”), boosted ourselves with new Self Balancing Scooter beliefs, decided and acted.

What distinguishes a target from a result is action with a direction, and the results of my organisation were: two Bronzes, one Silver, three Senior Consultants, two Team Leaders, my Senior Team Leader and one Director 1. All this thanks to the work of the Team and the Modere opportunity.

If You Want, You Can. Desire it intensely, learn the right strategies and put into practice.

Vito Mancusi, Senior Team Leader, Silver