Congratulations to our Silver CellProof qualifiers!

Congratulations to our ten Social Marketers who have already hit Silver in only 4 days exclusively through sales of CellProof Essentials and the Inside-out Beauty Systems.

Imagine what they will do with over half the month of October still left!

Take inspiration and start your marketing magic today – CellProof offers a great way to approach new Customers or re-approach existing Customers with an exciting, innovative new skin care range.

Watch our Facebook Live recording for more details

Our ten winners will each receive a ticket to the 2020 Modere Europe Social Retail Conference as their prize!

Name CP
Andrieu Camille 1170
Hissette Nathalie 1160
Geze Sahismail 1125
Clairet Isabelle 1115
Quersin Eric 1115
Hoff Karine 1115
Hambursin Vanessa 1115
Bistiaux Bénédicte 1070
Delgrange Brigitte 1035
Dessimoz Florence 1015