The Modere Europe BTS Cash Promotion is a temporary business promotion in addition to the Modere Europe (“Modere”) Compensation Plan.



JANUARY is all about BODY TRANSFORMATION and to help you maximize this month, we are excited to announce a special, limited-time Social Marketer business promotion!

Each time 3 BTS Collections are purchased in your POD you can earn an additional 25€/£ BONUS on top of your regular commissions! PLUS, there are NO LIMITS to the amount of the BTS Cash bonuses you can earn!

To participate in this promotion and to be eligible to earn the BTS Cash bonus outlined above, a Social Marketer must have their Modere account located in the Europe in January 2023.



Is there a limit on the amount of 25/£ bonuses I can earn?
NO! There is no limit to the amount of 25€/£ bonuses you can earn!

Who can qualify to earn BTS Cash?
All Social Marketers based in Europe can qualify to earn BTS Cash bonuses.

Do any of the BTS Collections count towards BTS Cash?
Any of the BTS Collections currently available on can make up the 3 BTS collections required to earn the 25€/£ bonus. (BTS Original, BTS Assist, BTS Axis – subject to availability)

Do & Save orders count as well?
Yes! All subscription orders, as well as one time orders placed by your Customers in Europe count toward BTS Cash!

When does this bonus run?
This promotion begins 1st Jan and ends 31st Jan at 23:59CET/ 22:59GMT.

What if I sell 8 BTS Collections? Will I get a prorated bonus?
No. In this example you would receive the BTS Cash bonus twice for 6 BTS Collections (50€/£) purchased. You will earn 25€/£ for every 3 BTS Collections sold.

When will BTS Cash be paid out?
BTS Cash will be paid out with the February commission run.  It will show up in the Commission Adjustment Line.

Does XM Collection & New Starter collections count towards the BTS Cash promotion?
No, only Customer orders of a BTS Collection count towards the promo.