Activate product availability

While we endeavour to maintain continuous availability of Modere products there are times that ongoing supply is interrupted.  Activate will be temporarily stocked out in Europe due to an ingredient change required for the market. We have found a fantastic ingredient alternative that will provide you with the same efficacy/benefits as the current formula.

The new formula is currently in its final stages of review, and we estimate that it will be available in November 2022.

An important nutritional benefit in Activate is its high fibre content. Indeed, fibre is well documented to support digestive health. But fibre has also got other great benefits such as being directly linked to weight loss and weight maintenance, it’s a definite go-to for anyone wanting to improve their body composition. Indeed, meals or drinks with a high fibre content, can help you feel fuller for longer.

According to the EFSA¹ people should try to consume 25g of fibre per day. Modere Fiber helps you on your way with 5.8g of fibre per daily serving. For more information on Fiber, click here.

For this reason, and while Activate is not available, we will be introducing Fiber into the Body Transformation System. Fiber is also a perfect companion product for Axis Trebiotic and will also replace Activate in Axis product collections. This will impact both Customer and Social Marketer (XM Launch & New Starter) collections.

The Body Transformation System Assist already features Fiber and will now feature PhytoGreens which delivers 9 highly bioavailable and concentrated bioactive ingredients, including marine and leafy greens, along with select fruits and vegetables. Modere Axis™ PhytoGreens can be absorbed and actively used by the body to support wellness and a balanced diet.

The following Body Transformation Systems will be updated:

  • Body Transformation System : Trim, Ignite & Fiber.
  • Body Transformation System Assist : Trim, White Kidney Bean, Fiber & PhytoGreens.
  • Body Transformation System with Axis : Trim, Ignite, Axis Trebiotic & Fiber.

The following Body Transformation Systems will be unavailable while Activate is being reformulated:

  • Body Transformation System GO.
  • Body Transformation System Minerals.
  • Body Transformation System Protozymes.

The following Axis Collections will be updated:

  • Axis Digestive Duo : Axis Trebiotic & Fiber.
  • Axis Digestive Duo + Pure : Axis Trebiotic, Liquid BioCell Pure, Fiber.
  • Axis Digestive Duo + Sport : Axis Trebiotic, Liquid BioCell Sport, Fiber.
  • Axis Digestive Duo + Skin : Axis Trebiotic, Liquid BioCell Skin, Fiber.

The following Nutritional collections will be unavailable while Activate is being reformulated. The Basic Nutrition Solutions and Basic Nutrition Classic Collections will remain available.

  • Basic Nutrition Activate Solutions
  • Basic Nutrition Activate Classic

The following Social Marketer Collections will be updated:

  • XM Launch Inside Out : CellProof Serum, CellProof Moisturizer, CellProof Infusion, Cell Protect, White Kidney Bean, Ignite, Trim Chocolate, Liquid BioCell Skin & Fiber.
  • New Starter BTS Basic : Ignite, Trim, & Fiber.
  • New Starter BTS Axis :  Ignite, Trim, Axis TreBiotic & Fiber.
  • New Starter BTS Plus : Cell Protect, White Kidney Bean, Ignite, Trim Chocolate & Fiber.
  • New Starter Basic Nutrition Trim : Cell Protect, Mineral Solutions, Protozymes, Durian, Trim Chocolate & Fiber.
  • New Starter Basic Nutrition Classic: Mineral Classic, Protozymes, Adult MultiVitamin, Aloe Vera, Omega 3.
  • New Starter Basic Nutrition Solutions: Mineral Classic, Protozymes, Adult MultiVitamin, Aloe Vera, Omega 3.

We will commence these updates from May 23rd 2022. There may be a short period that some collections will be unavailable on our websites while we make these updates.

We thank you for your understanding while we make these essential changes.

Your Modere Europe Team

¹ European Food Safety Authority