From the beginning, we have been committed to growing Modere by focusing on our exceptional product range, supporting customer loyalty, and so importantly, developing and working with Modere Social Marketers.

We fervently believe that our current and ongoing success can only be achieved in a sustainable way by respecting and insisting on ethical business values, and ensuring they are applied.

All Modere Social Marketer must commit to having only one account to their name and dedicate their energy and efforts to the maintenance of this account and the team under that account. It is also not possible for live-in partners to have a Social Marketer account of their own. This is in order to ensure that Modere Social Marketers can never be accused of gaming or manipulation of the Compensation Plan by a third party audit.

As always with Modere, our rules are here to protect your business and ensure that we give you a long- term business opportunity.

Read this extract from Modere’s Policies and Procedures that illustrates the point:


Modere Social Marketers may own, operate, or have equitable interest in only one Modere Social Marketer account to the exclusion of a Customer account or another Social Marketer account. Social Marketers shall not use business entities, trusts, or other devices to avoid this policy. Spouses may jointly hold one Modere Social Marketer account. An exception to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis if two Social Marketers marry or in cases of a Social Marketer receiving an interest in another Social Marketer account through inheritance from an immediate family member. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to the Modere Compliance Department.

The spouse (or common law partner) of a Modere Social Marketer may register as a Modere Customer. A Social Marketer’s spouse (or common law partner) need not be sponsored by his or her Social Marketer spouse (or common law partner), nor be in the same line of sponsorship as his or her Social Marketer spouse (or common law partner).

A Social Marketer’s child who is over the age of majority (usually 18) and residing in the same household as the Social Marketer may own a Modere Social Marketer account independently from his or her parent. However, the Social Marketer account owned and operated by the child must be a bona fide Social Marketer account separate and apart from the parent’s Social Marketer account. A Social Marketer’s child need not be sponsored by his or her Social Marketer parent, nor be in the same line of sponsorship as his or her Social Marketer parent.

If any member of a Social Marketer’s immediate household engages in any activity which, if performed by the Social Marketer, would violate any provision of the Agreement, such activity shall be deemed a violation by the Social Marketer and Modere may take disciplinary action against the Social Marketer pursuant to the Agreement. Similarly, if any individual associated in any way with a Social Marketer corporation, partnership, trust, or other entity (collectively “affiliated individual”) violates the Agreement, such action(s) shall be deemed a violation by the entity, and Modere may take disciplinary action against the entity.

A corporation, limited liability company, partnership, trust, or other legal business entity (collectively referred to in this section as a “business entity”) may apply to become a Modere Social Marketer by submitting a properly completed Modere Business Entity Application and Agreement. Existing Social Marketers who wish to change the corporate structure of their Modere business must complete and submit a Modere business Entity Application and Agreement. An administration fee may apply to existing Social Marketers when they change their corporate structure. Members of the Business Entity are jointly and severally liable for any indebtedness or other obligation to Modere.

To read our full Policies and Procedures document, click here.