A life-changing company

” I started MLM (Multi-level marketing) with Modere in September 2017, and I have to say that this company has quite literally changed my life!  My job is truly enriching. It has really helped me to get to know myself, and finally I can say that I’ve found my passion.

I started by testing products, and they really won me over. And when I love something, I talk about it to everyone. Very quickly, I started to understand the potential for achievement within this company. The values and ethics that they espouse were completely in line with my own. Our leaders’ vision was clear and I shared the same vision. A big thank you to our leaders who are always there for us.

I am a 31-year-old mum, and I found out about MLM through my parents, who worked in it when they were young, but I never had. My mother always said that it was an amazing opportunity, and I had told myself that if I wanted to have a successful career some day, it would be in MLM. My only vocational qualification is as a beautician – it’s a trade I chose when I was 15 without realising that I was going to have to do it my whole life and be a wage slave…

I was in a very tough financial situation when my Modere sponsor phoned me to offer me this job, so I seized the opportunity. I will always be grateful to her, because this year was one of the best of my life, even though alongside this I was dealing with events that could have made me sink even lower than I had been before I started.

But we meet extraordinary people through our upline, our crossline and, of course, our team – the people that have put their trust in us in this job. That’s what matters most to me – all of these amazing people help us to grow, and we evolve a little more every day.

Thank you. Today, 14 months after I started working with Modere, I finally feel alive and free, and I intend to share this opportunity with everyone who I come across in my life because it’s just magic.”

Daphné Thoraud – Elite 3, Platinum 2