5 Reasons you should attend DISRUPT 2019 SRC

If you are still on the fence about attending the Social Retail Conference in Lyon on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019, then here is a small (but very convincing!) list of reasons that should persuade you to join us.

  • A chance to be inspired. The SRC stretches out over two whole days, which means double the information and twice the amount of stimulation. And although it’s spread-out, it hasn’t made it easier for us to squeeze all the precious content and entertainment into a twin size package. But hey, that’s how generous we are at Modere. We want to give you all the tools, all the information, all the material, all the insight and all the announcements that you need (and more!) to head back home and become even more successful.
  • A chance to be recognised. We want to celebrate your success, make a huge deal out of you and put you in the spotlight at the SRC. Why? Because you are worthy of it! You deserve some attention, an ovation, and your moment of exhilaration when you thrive. And because at Modere we like to do things with style, we have organised a dedicated awards show celebrating all your biggest accomplishments of the past year*. And for those who don’t take the stage**, a recognition photo booth is waiting to capture your triumphant smiles.
  • A chance to mix and mingle with the best. It’s the one and only time of the year that all European teams come together. That means ALL of you from ALL the European markets will get to meet in one single place. Use that opportunity to engage, network and socialise with similarly-minded business builders from all over Europe. Create your opening to get tips, advice and share stories with your peers to grow your business bigger and better.
  • A chance to shop. Our special Modere goodie store will open its doors for the week-end and welcome you all for a good session of browsing and shopping. You’ll get first-hand opportunity to get some fantastic Modere merchandise and even some SRC specific items (we’ve had a look at them and they look incredible!). You will also get the opportunity to demo new, unreleased products before anyone else. Get your shopping bags ready!
  • A chance to let loose. Can anyone think of a better intermission/Entr’acte between the general sessions than having a huge glamorous party?! We didn’t think so. Get your Glad Rags on to dance away your tensions, release your energy, show-off your best party tricks and create lifelong memories. The legendary after-party will feature DJs, beautifully dressed Social Marketers like yourself and a dancefloor like no other.

Do you still need a little bit of convincing? Well maybe if you hear what Social Marketers who have already experienced the SRC have to say, you’ll be persuaded. SEE BELOW.

So…if you have FOMO (and rightly so!), then head to EVENTBRITE and get those early-bird tickets fast! Before the 21st of December they will be £25/30€ cheaper! Tickets will of course still be available after this date for those who only just tuned in, at a price of £90/120€.

* Volume months January 2018 – December 2018

** The newly qualified Team Leader to Director 1 as well as titles Silver to Platinum will be recognised during the day. On-stage recognition applies to all Director 2 and above ranks, and all Platinum 1 and above titles at the evening Recognition party on the Saturday. Recognition applies to all Social Marketers who qualified for the first time during the given period. The highest rank or title reached for the first time during the given period will be recognized at the SRC.

Why is it so important to take part in Modere events?

“Events…I’ll never miss one!

They are what working with Modere is all about. When you get back home from one, you feel completely energised, renewed.
You’re really blown away, and you can feel it in your gut and your heart.

It’s like visiting a fount of energy. I always leave feeling more encouraged and more determined than ever. It’s a mine of training and life lessons condensed into 48 hours.

Obviously I bought my two tickets for Lille within the first few minutes of their going on pre-sale. As a team leader, I owe it to my teammates to do what every member of my team does, because, yes, for every Social Marketer working for Modere it’s a must to be there, and above all, to bring someone else along.

Events are POWERFUL. Events are where things really click into place. They are the LIFEBLOOD of our business.

By luck my name was drawn to get two extra tickets! It’s BRILLIANT because I’m going to challenge my teammates for a chance to win them for themselves! Thank you Modere!”

Bénédicte Heughebaert



For me, it’s REALLY important to attend Modere events because, in the first place, events are the place where we REALLY get to know our teams, our uplines, crosslines, etc., and that’s always super rewarding and very emotional…not forgetting the Modere staff who are just brilliant! You realise that everyone is there for you, and that we are one big family.

Secondly, we get top level training throughout these events, run by people who are inspirational. It’s just MAGICAL!

And at the end, we leave these events with a completely new VISION and BOUNDLESS ENERGY! Even for those people who already have this fire inside of them, I can assure you that we all leave events ON FIRE with ideas!

One thing is sure: we’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.”

Emilie Petrovic