Would you like to visit us at the Modere offices in Brussels?

Well, we are pretty welcoming all of the time but if you really fancy the VIP treatment then come and see us via the 2018 EUROPEAN FLY-IN promotion.

This year there are TWO Qualification periods and TWO EU FLY-IN EVENTS
During one of the qualification periods, advance to Director 1 or a higher rank OR to Platinum 1 or a higher title for the very first time since your Social Marketer account commenced.

And don’t forget: a Modere Social Marketer account is eligible to participate in the European Fly-In Promotion once during their affiliation with Modere.

It is not simply an office tour – you will get to meet the team, see some exciting presentations and get hands-on with the complete product range.

We’ll give you a bit of the paparazzi treatment too, as while you are in town we’ll grab a few pictures of you along the way to support your Social Retail efforts!

We’ll put you up in a hotel in Brussels on the Saturday night and take you out for dinner, then on Sunday morning we’ll head off to the office for a look round and presentations.

January 1 to June 30, 2018
July 1 to December 31, 2018

Sunday, 30th September 2018
Sunday, 16th June 2019

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