Modere M3 system

start with free shipping and a discount, then aim for a shopping credit!

Modere M3 System has arrived in Europe and it is definitely one of our hottest new products ever! Modere M3 System is a simple three-part weight management system inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. In addition and to make your M3 transformation even simpler, you can take advantage of free shipping, an attractive discount and even a great shopping credit with minimal effort.

As of September 6th 2017 make sure you are qualifying for the following fabulous Modere M3 SYSTEM incentives which will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to get in fast:

Put the M3 System on your monthly SmartShip profile and you will automatically enjoy £10/10€ off the price of this fantastic product!

Plus by putting the M3 System on your monthly SmartShip profile you will automatically qualify for free delivery.

Maintain the M3 System on your SmartShip profile 3 months in a row and you will receive a Modere shopping credit to redeem in your subsequent SmartShip order!

So the only question to ask really is what would you or your customers do with a £25/30 Modere credit?

1 Price Discount – Every Modere M3 System purchased on a monthly SmartShip order will be discounted by £10/10€, when your SmartShip order is executed.

2 Free Shipping – Create a SmartShip order containing the Modere M3 System and each month your entire SmartShip order will be free of shipping charges. Simple, no strings attached – so feel free to include all your favourites along with your SmartShip! The shipping charges are waived when your SmartShip order is executed.

3 Shopping credit –All Members with an active SmartShip order containing the Modere M3 System three months in a row will receive a shopping credit the following month. All yours, with our compliments. The credit will be redeemed when your SmartShip order is executed. For new Social Marketers registering with a M3 Social Marketer collection, that first order will be counted as a first month on SmartShip. They will therefore qualify if they add two more month of the M3 System on SmartShip to their original order on

Here are the T&Cs.

Offers subject to availability.


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